Friday, May 31, 2013


So here's how I'm hanging :)

Yup, bottom-right, that's me, naked in a shop window ;) Next to the toilet cleaner. Cool thing to claim about yourself ;)

That's the kid, behind the doors. Not too impressed being left behind ;)

I love the orange and blue feathers & thingies behind the drawings ;) And my own reflection ;)

And that's the kid again. Paying me back for leaving him inside the shop. Doing his own thing rather than pose with his mamma's art ;)

Yup, that's my art hanging somewhere :) And it really is a giant step! I'm not making light of it - this is an expo in a shop window, and it won't launch my artist carreer right now, just yet ;) - but it definitely does something in my head! Knowing that it's out there - I'm out there - for people to see makes it much harder to deny that I might be an artist :) We're going to have to see what happens when it's taken down - but for now, I'm an artist - and it's AWESOME :D I'm holding on to that feeling!

& not just that, I've sold some art work from my all-new Etsy shop & all :D Thank you so much, lovely friends, for supporting me - and for getting me to pretty much skip to the post counter singing 'I'm selling my ART, people!' :D Yes, I wanted to share that mental image, because it felt really, really good :)

Of course there is contemplation going on in the background. Wild thoughts and notions. What it all means and where it will go. And how it will take me along for rides. And how to stick with believing. But they're not for here and now. Now and here is for feeling proud and excited  - and wishing you the same!

Thank you so much for being here and being excited with me - it really means a lot :D 



  1. Go you! ... and "the kid" dear one who has a name and is closer to your heart than your art, of course we know that! Who cares where it goes, enjoy the ride! I am watching upside down here and skipping with you too! Smiles all round! Yay for You :D

    1. Yes... the kid ;) He rocks it all like only a 4-&-a-half-year-old can - I'm learning from him for sure :)

      You know, all the notions and thoughts aren't about the Big Things, it's all more about permission - permission to do it all for ME, too. To shine big and bright when no one is necessarily buying. That's always been hard - but worked on, and this time, it feels lighter than before :)

      Thanks for smiling upside-down Suzi ;) I can feel your skipping :D

  2. Yay Yvonne, That is so wonderful. Enjoy the feeling, you deserve it. Im so pleased for you. Denise

    1. Thank you Denise :) Good to hear from you :) (& I removed the extras ;)) x

  3. WOW! That's your work, right there, ON SHOW! Congratulations and thank for you sharing the photos and allowing us to join you in your joy and success. Yup, there's no denying it. You're an artist. It's official :D xo

  4. AWESOME AWESOME! enjoy the ride. looks GREAT!


    Sandy P

  5. you rock! YES that is YOUR work out there! scary but totally worthy! SO excited for you and for sharing your journey. big hugs! ciao!

  6. There's your art!! Right there for all to see!!! Wahoooooooo!!!! Good on you, Yvonne!! You're work is too wonderful not to be seen by all. I've very, very proud of you!!! May this be the first wall of many. xoxoxo

  7. You ROCK! It IS great to see your art being shown to 'the real world'! You deserve the feeling. Revel in it, swim in it, roll around on the ground with it!
    I'm over here smiling with/for you too! ♥♥♥

  8. Your work looks great! It's brilliant Yvonne, you're doing it :) I'm so happy that you're getting your artwork out there to be shared and seen by others! I think that that first step is probably the hardest, and you've made it so you should be very pleased with yourself :) I love your work so keep making more <3 xxx

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  10. Hi Yvonne, I have re-read your post here and I am sooo happy for you!! This is a GIANT step, congratulations!!! Send you lots of love, Barbara


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