Sunday, July 4, 2010


Much, much stuff going on. In my head, mainly. For now at least. But things are about to change. Which means I need to bite off & chew some fear. Of the unknown. And of change, in itself, really. Which inspired this artishtic attempt. Because something had to come out, somewhere.

& since I was visiting my AJ anyway, finding out - again - that busying myself really does help take the mind off things, I printed my beautiful toddler - wearing a mixing bowl for protection - onto cheap watercolour paper, to see what would happen if I'd splash some colour. The idea is an interesting one, although the execution - especially where it needed patience! - needs fine-tuning ;)


  1. you are such a wonderful artist, yvonne!! LOVE these two pieces.

    thanks so much for your comments on my blog post. making these deep changes and facing our fears IS hard work, but much easier knowing we are all here to support each other through it. love to you and your family. and thank you for your continued friendship. xoxo

  2. blogaloorgirl07 July, 2010 04:39

    very creative and beautiful..

  3. Thank you both :)

    Shannon, yes, life gets scary at times... But I firmly believe that all those challenges get us to the place where we are supposed to be - as long as we face up to fears & don't take it all lying down! But it's definitely not always easy...! xo!

  4. Geweldig ! [eyes popping out] Wauw !!!


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