Monday, July 16, 2012


Slak is the Dutch word for snail. Where spelling mishaps turn lethal ;)

It's what I've been doing already, really, cutting myself some slack, but I'm making it official: I'm taking a blog break for the Summer. I could make it huge and tearful, but the truth is - while there have been things I wanted to blog about pretty much daily, I just haven't been able to make it happen. Time... It's all about the constraints of time and everything I want to do. And where those two clash, that's where my blog has been. 

I've been feeling guilty about it - of course - and I'm not promising things will be better soon, necessarily, but I mean for things to be better soon. I mean to find a way to make it all work. In fact, I bought a book called Making It All Work, it's written by David Allen, and I intend to read it. In pockets of time ;) Because it's a recurring theme in my life, really - the fact that not all really works... 

I will be back, because I love sharing my stuff here, and I really love that you guys are out there - reading and telling me what you think. I'm missing it. But I can't keep asking for your attention when I've got nothing to say - there's too much of that going around in the world anyway. So I will be in touch when I've got things - a little more - under control... I'd love to see you then!!

Meanwhile, have a great Summer! Rain, shine or heat waves, I hope you find a way to enjoy what this season brings! Thanks so much for being here & out there!