Sunday, June 20, 2010


This is the hottest item in the house at the moment. A rather beat-up BMW. Not quite the latest model, but Squirt doesn't care much about these things. My parents' neighbours were moving and offloaded some toys. This one took the cake. Its doors actually open!
The previous owner of the vehicle - not quite that fabled dear old lady, as you can see - got the cutest high five in return :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010


A mere 45 minutes left before the Dutch soccer team meets the Japanese in Durban. So I've got a little time left to show you some orange.

This is what happens in neighbourhoods all over this little country when a Cup of Importance is played. We go orange. We go crazy. 45 minutes left and I can already hear the vuvuzelas down the street. Even Squirt knows, 'vu-elas' make noise!

Seeing that Man hails from South Africa, we had options. But we're both realistic enough to know that SA is a lot of things, both good & bad; soccer-skilled they are not, over there. So we're backing the Dutch.

Orange, though? Not so much. As a colour, I've sort of come to terms with it. But as far as national mayhem is concerned, I still go for peer pressure-in-reverse. If everyone else is doing it, I'm not, basically. I think it's a remnant from my days as a sort-of-goth - a bit of subversion, the defiant little girl I wrote about before.

These are my only concessions this year. A little flowering grass - seeing that there is, inevitably, grass involved when it comes to soccer - tied with a Dutch flag ribbon, and a bracelet of plastic beads that I got for free with my toothpaste (sic!) last week. There is all manner of free, soccer-related stuff available - every single supermarket (to start with) has their own brand of give-away molded plastic. I usually say 'no, thank you' while Squirt is still too young to appreciate it - I'm grateful & well aware it won't last... - but this trinket I kept, and I'm wearing it today. Really. I am.

So, no orange madness in this house, as such. But we'll be watching telly for sure! 5 minutes till start!

Update: a 1-0 win, but definitely not a great match. Quite boring to watch: so boring in fact, that both me and Man fell asleep on the couch! In the middle of the afternoon! We have no stamina! How embarrassing ;)

Sunday, June 13, 2010


a rather random collection of small life
*photos taken in the backgarden*

It felt really good to do something art-ish-tic again - I've been too busy living in my brain lately... I know I should make more time for creative undertakings - of any kind - but I also know I won't when there is so much on my mind.

Still, I got my arty fix this weekend :) Took my mind off all the change ahead - for a while, anyway. I'm ready to face mortgage-related calculations again! And - if I really have to - another real estate agent or two... ;)

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Speaking of complementing colours - and the soccer World Cup of course - Squirt has mastered the art of blowing a whistle!
And me? I feel like a pendulum, swinging madly. As a human being, I'm not sure I'm amused. At all. But as a mother? I don't think I could be prouder if I tried!
It's in the small things, isn't it? I think it is. Small thing, a whistle. But oh so loud ;)

Friday, June 11, 2010


She's doing well. Her head's still on. And the strawberries are coming along nicely, too.
Also, we're fine here, all of us. We're house-hunting and have some tough decisions to make, so - apparently - I haven't got a lot of headspace for much of anything else. I don't seem to notice the little and big things in quite as much colour as I normally do. Life keeps throwing me quirky balls and other mostly inanimate objects - of course - but I'm catching them and putting them away with Squirt's toys before bed at the moment.

This 'moment' won't last forever - I'll be back from this holiday-of-sorts soon enough. I really, really appreciate that there are still people out there popping in to see if anything new is up in this here corner! And I'm really sorry I haven't got much to show for myself... If only I could take snapshot pictures of the mayhem & chaos in my head! But then again - I'm not sure that would really entertain anyone but me (sort of. I'm sort of entertained. But mostly I'm basically going slightly mad, trying just to BE...) right here and now... ;)

Hope you're enjoying a beautiful Summer, wherever you are! I'm reading all the blogs for a vicarious holiday; a little time off, out of my head :)