Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Hmm. No. I haven't quite settled in yet. It's hard. A lot harder than I'd hoped. And most of it is - as usual - in my head. Which makes it easier, while at the same time it doesn't.
You know how they say 'wherever you go, you bring yourself along'? I actually feel like I've left a bit of myself behind! The bit that's been lighter, this year...
I'm still going with the stern belief that I didn't leave my ability to bounce back behind. Because I checked and checked again. It's here somewhere, lying misplaced, waiting for me to find it in an unlikely corner. I know it is.

Digging it out, along with some much-needed reflection on the Beauty and the Not-Quite that's been 2010 should keep me busy till the hangover subsides ;)
Yesterday was a good day, today was alright. Tomorrow will be better, and next year will rock!

Wishing you a bit of quiet to say goodbye to what needs shedding and a lot of whatever it is you need to welcome 2011! Have the most amazing, awesome-est New Year; see you there!


  1. Please sign up for silliness 3.0 !!! We are all there and i will be happy to have you round!

  2. I'm going to say it again: you need to make your supercute hand lettering into a font! Are you doing Silly 3? I wanted to but my hands are too full this month:(

  3. Please don't let me down!!! Yvonne, it doesn't matter if you are late... post what ever you can, i will watch out for it. xxx


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