Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Aren't they gorgeous?!

I met Mridula throught Shannon's course Inside/Out, back in January 2010. We've stayed in touch since, and even did a photo challenge together for a while. When she emailed me that she was going to travel to the Netherlands, from India, to visit family with her daughter, she asked if we could meet. I definitely wanted to; a chance like that is so rare when you live pretty much in opposite corners of the world! It was sort of scary, too. But in a good way ;) I'm so glad she took the trouble of coming to this here corner to visit me in my home, because we had a great chat! The way you talk with friends, comfortably. I'm only sad that this will probably be the only 'real life' chat we'll ever have...


  1. How amazing and wonderful! Wish I could have joined you two lovely ladies!

  2. Wow...I'm so happy for you both! Now when are you all going to come visit me??!!


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