Thursday, February 16, 2012


Playing, this morning :) Honestly, I was just playing! My pepper & salt shakers on top of an empty tub of body cream, because it was there, as a still life 'scene' :)

Now that it's finished, I see my current recurring 'concept' in it, again. About friendships, expectations, listening and being heard, pedestals and crap. Yup, even when I'm letting go, my conceptual brain subconsciously kicks in. It's a curse, LOL :)

I'm trying to learn to play more - let go. Not because it's infinitely important to play, or to let go, when it comes to what I make. But when I don't - when I hang on to my apparent need to draw and illustrate concepts - more often than not, I don't draw at all. Because I can't find the words for the concept, or I can't decide on the illustration to go along with it. Or because I start and my inner critic gets floor space before he should. That happens less and less, but it still does, occasionally. Especially when I'm digging deep, trying to excavate soul - like when I'm doing a course ;)

But if you didn't know all that, you'd just see salt & pepper shakers on top of an empty tub of body cream. Right?! ;)


  1. Or a ritual Indian elephant dance :-)

  2. I find it very hard to illustrate concepts so I admire your skill! I find it much easier to just draw concrete things. Maybe I should do that and work out the concept later?! Another great illustration, Yvonne.

  3. I think no matter what we do artistically, some of who we are comes through. Intentional or not. And the viewer sees what they need or are able to see. That’s what is so great about art! Wonderful still life!

  4. This is a great illustration and I agree completely, whether or not we mean to, our subconcious creeps into our art and shows itself. That's our gift and good fortune!


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