Thursday, July 30, 2009

& the challenge is...

... having a baby, really. Full stop. Every single time you think you've got it all figured out, Baby grows another little bit - brain-wise, although physically surely too - and puts you slap-bang in front of the newest dilemma. And granted, most of these dilemmas fall into the 'oh, gosh, yes, that does make sense, really'-category, but still. Baby Boy is trying his darndest to catch Mamma out!
This morning I was taking my shower, and for the first time, I put Baby Boy on the floor to sort himself out, as opposed to in his empty baby bath, as usual. The baby bath not being the best of ideas anymore as BB is doing the above - brain-wise growing - and when he wants to fish for the toys he just threw out of the bath, the bath tips, he finds himself alongside his toys, where he didn't plan on going, so much, really, so he cries - which is what he does.
Anyway, getting back to the floor, where I'd put him, cutting out the whole falling-onto-it bit - thinking I was being smart and on top of my game after Wednesday the 29th. I got into the shower thinking; "Darn, didn't close the door, now what if Baby Boy decides to go for a tummy-slithering-stroll towards the stairs?! Ah, not to worry - I'll catch him..."
So what does Baby Boy do? Head for the stairs first chance he gets? No, of course not! That would be too easy; he's got another cunning plan! He slides across the floor, all nice and dressed for the day, double-time into the shower!
Didn't see that coming! Should have, but then again, being a mamma just wouldn't be the same if I had ;-)

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  1. Stoere vent!! Nu al een boefje, er staat je wat te wachten... :D


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