Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday the 29th...

The day started off briliantly! I got up way too late to have my cherished hour of peace-&-coffee. The paper filter of the coffee machine tore which gave me a late, hurried cup of dregs. I dropped something, stumbled, almost slipped in the bathroom, and decided it must be Friday the 13th. Which it isn't. It's Wednesday the 29th. Which meant absolutely nothing till I said that out loud. The Universe, with its inexplicable sense of humour, ruled; "You want that to mean something? Can do!"
So far, Baby Boy (almost 9 months old) is in a crabby mood. Man (the other, not necessarily better, half) left his mobile phone at home, leaving me with a perpetual ringing in my ear. The picture at the top of this page won't fill its meted out space. When I tried to call Man at his office phone, my phone (*!*) told me that I'm "not allowed to call this number" (*?!*). Baby Boy (*!*) dropped his first plate, which broke, in the tight space next to the couch where the vacuum cleaner won't go.
I'm tired, it's raining, and it's only 11.30...
(& by the way: how's this for starting in the middle & muddling right on through?!)

Edit: the picture fits now, but I had to manually resize it to fit, and now the quality sux... Any tips, anyone?
Edit 2: All that has been worked out when I changed pictures. Unfathomable, like so many things relating to computers. This time, it just worked, basically.

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  1. Awwww :(.
    Hopelijk kun je er nu weer om lachen - ik in ieder geval wel, het is bijna een slapstick!
    Het is bijna niet mogelijk dat er de rest van de dag nog veel narigheid gebeurde. Volgens mij heb je het nu voor de rest van de week wel gehad :).


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