Saturday, February 6, 2010


Listening to new music, from a singer I've never heard of before... This is what keeps looping in my mind:

"I don't remember when we ran out of rope
but when we did, we lost all hope.
We just stood there, crying
that's what we learned about flying..."
(Emerson Hart, Flyin', from Cigarettes and Gasoline)

I have a lot of unhappy places. I knew that. Crying is good, at times, right?


  1. absolutely. i'd LOVE to know how many calories a good tear-tempest is worth! i read somewhere (when? no clue) that crying releases cortisol, so it's physically stress-reducing. (of course don't you often crave a nap after?) but i guess i don't think the cry is The Point the way i used to -- more it's a useful indicator that something is touching something deep, and i try to use it as a lamp to see just what, and consider just why. and write about it.....

  2. Eileen - I'm right there with you! I'm actually not much of a cryer, anymore. And this course has touched all kinds of matters deep. It feels like my flashlight needs a battery change though!


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