Monday, February 1, 2010


Man supports me wholeheartedly on my Quest, by the way! He's not much of a Digger himself, and to be truthful, he's got a lot of things down - pretty much pat. But he is a man, and as far as I can see, that does help...

On the hardest day, he took Squirt out for a walk and came back with a little bag of sweets. A piece of (liquorice/peppermint) chalk, because I'm learning; a snake for the process, fangs as well as the whole shedding-skin-business; a sour worm for - I quote - "the icky bits"; a peach for the good stuff; and a heart, because "we love you!"...

And since he's not the man who brings home scheduled or unscheduled flowers - ever, really - this was even more special! Those darn sweets, made me cry!


  1. I would have cried too..very sweetx my husband doesn't do things like Valentine's Day because he feels he shouldn't be TOLD to be romantic! he will buy me something out of the blue..just because he loves me!!!sweet aren't they/xLoved the sweets....tony would buy me plain chocoale!xlynda(from ecourse)

  2. It's definitely the out-of-the-blueness that makes it so special! & plain chocolate is not to be looked down the nose at, either :)

  3. Wow...I just about cried reading this and your newset post. What a beautiful partner in life you have. The support is a big part of our journey! And what a journey you are on...


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