Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I really did think my boy was a genius! For one short week, at 17 months, he knew four colours (red, white, green and blue) and every animal sound, including a peacock and a donkey.

I'm back with my feet firmly on the ground. These days, all cars are red. Even when they're not, really. And everything from mouse to 'omamant' (elephant) - and not limited to, but including mamma, pappa and 'tantitit' (my sister) - says 'hihi-ie-ie-ie', which is as horses do...

Maybe he's just testing me? To see if I buy this baby-crap?
I'm such an optimist ;)

Edited: I made a conscious decision not to change the way I write down what I think just because I might be misunderstood - but at the same time, being misunderstood is a Great Fear of mine. So... I sort of felt I had to come back here to tell you that Squirt is a verbal mastermind, who constructs sentences of up to 5 words at the age of 18 months! He's my absolute favourite brand of Special. I LOVE his 'baby-crap' & hope he'll keep it up much longer than he actually will. Just so you know!

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