Thursday, May 6, 2010


the faucet & the blonde

Have you ever wondered - if you'd sit on the drain in the shower, would that turn the bathroom into a swimming pool?
It does. If you don't have much of a threshold and you sit there long enough, you can actually turn the whole second floor into a pool! Great for getting dust out of those hard-to-reach corners!
It would have been amazing to see the indoor waterfall I could have created, but I inadvertently got up, shortly before that would have happened.
I'm leaving that to other courageous explorers... Let me know if it works?

P.S. for privacy reasons, the faucet photographed is not the tap involved in the actual incident. As for the blonde? Well, yeah - that's her.
Oh, and edit: the duck is an innocent bystander. It has no idea what the fuss is about ;)


  1. I see 2 blondes...the ducky and the girl.

  2. :) very observant :) wish I could blame the duck for what happened, but its bum isn't big enough to cause that much chaos :)

  3. the girl looks totally :)

  4. I know! She - I mean... I ;) - WAS, too! I definitely don't recommend replicating this experience - although I have to admit, this IS a childhood question answered! My parents said they're very grateful I only 'tried' it NOW & in my own home though ;)


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