Friday, June 11, 2010


She's doing well. Her head's still on. And the strawberries are coming along nicely, too.
Also, we're fine here, all of us. We're house-hunting and have some tough decisions to make, so - apparently - I haven't got a lot of headspace for much of anything else. I don't seem to notice the little and big things in quite as much colour as I normally do. Life keeps throwing me quirky balls and other mostly inanimate objects - of course - but I'm catching them and putting them away with Squirt's toys before bed at the moment.

This 'moment' won't last forever - I'll be back from this holiday-of-sorts soon enough. I really, really appreciate that there are still people out there popping in to see if anything new is up in this here corner! And I'm really sorry I haven't got much to show for myself... If only I could take snapshot pictures of the mayhem & chaos in my head! But then again - I'm not sure that would really entertain anyone but me (sort of. I'm sort of entertained. But mostly I'm basically going slightly mad, trying just to BE...) right here and now... ;)

Hope you're enjoying a beautiful Summer, wherever you are! I'm reading all the blogs for a vicarious holiday; a little time off, out of my head :)


  1. i am still searching for that mind camera! i have been on the hunt for years, trying to find something that will capture a thought before it inevitably fades. i guess we will have to keep hoping! :)

  2. :) Dit herken ik zeker wel.
    Eigenlijk denk ik dat je op een dag een manier gaat vinden om die chaos in je hoofd vast te leggen! Lijkt me wel een fijne manier om dat 'te eren'!
    Ben reuze benieuwd wat er allemaal uit gaat komen. LIEFS!


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