Sunday, June 13, 2010


a rather random collection of small life
*photos taken in the backgarden*

It felt really good to do something art-ish-tic again - I've been too busy living in my brain lately... I know I should make more time for creative undertakings - of any kind - but I also know I won't when there is so much on my mind.

Still, I got my arty fix this weekend :) Took my mind off all the change ahead - for a while, anyway. I'm ready to face mortgage-related calculations again! And - if I really have to - another real estate agent or two... ;)


  1. keep your 'artshy' side alive. Its fantastic.

  2. i think that's the prettiest picture of a strawberry i've ever seen! and i love your label "art-ish-tic"!

  3. Thank you so much Mridula - that's the best compliment I got in a long time :D

    & Aimee, thank you :)

  4. your photos are just incredible!!

  5. Thank you Shannon, means a lot :)

  6. Wat schattig. Dat slakje is trouwens wel piepklein!!
    Fijn dat je weer lekker creatief bezig bent geweest.


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