Thursday, October 21, 2010


In Dutch, car (auto) rhymes with peacock (pauw) - sort of. If you want it to. And add some letters here and there.
I wanted it to, of course. I didn't take a course in Silly for nothing, now did I?!

(the watercolours didn't come up so nicely in the scan)


  1. Ge-wel-dig !! Wauw !! (jouw woord of t zijne? ;-)). Jee je kan zo n kinderboek beginnen :-)

  2. a beautiful auwto-de-pauwto!:) I loved all your silly stuff esp the glasses.

  3. thank you Mridula :) I LOVED Silly!! I'm sad it's over! the glasses are my favourite too - still amazed that Isaak sat still for me to take the pictures ;)

    Annemarie - I'd love to illustrate a children's book, but the thought of having to draw all the characters more than once and from different angles... daunting ;) I'm so happy when something comes out looking the way I imagined, ONCE ;)
    & yes, it was my word first - I started rhyming all the toys in his bedroom when we say goodnight (huisje-pluisje, schaapje-Jaapje enz.) - but he's totally taken it on (including 'schaapje dat heet Lola, die drinkt alleen maar cola' :D *little sheep called Lola who drinks nothing but cola*), so it counts ;)


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