Monday, February 7, 2011


In the stormy winds that raged here the past days, some roofing tore loose off a neighbour's dormer. It was hanging quite precariously, so the fire service was called out.
The truck was parked right in front of our house, and if you know anything about Squirt's LOVE for cars, you can imagine this was Da Bomb ;) He pretty much had his nose stuck to the glass the whole time :)


  1. I know! What is it with boys and cars?! My daughter wouldn't recognize a single one. Nice drawing!

  2. I tell you, it's funny! I. is 2y3m now and he knows at LEAST 10 to 15 makes of cars by their decals! I always thought parents to boys pushed these things, but I know now there is some weird element of nature involved there too: neither me nor my husband is very interested in cars, nor have we pushed or encouraged this at all! Well, of course, now that we know it's his Big Thing, we play along, but not before he expressed more than a passing interest all on his own! Strange stuff! :)


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