Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Bunnies :) Inspired by Carla Sonheim's Artspark tutorial! Except I didn't use a Tombow marker, I used a dip pen and bistre. But what's in supplies? I'm under a self-imposed embargo. I barred myself from the absolutely awesome little supply shop that is entirely too closely around the corner for comfort. For an undisclosed length of time. But it's a good thing. You see, I've got enough stuff. Quite enough. It's a lot of fun to see what you can actually do with all the stuff you've got, instead of running out - not even having to run far enough to be out of breath at the end of it... - and get the next newest best thing :) And that's a bonus bunny. Doing something... uhm... silly. Because Carla has just announced her 4th installment of Silly. And I'm considering it. Of course! After all, an online workshop isn't quite 'new supplies'. Now is it?!



  1. Wat een leuke hophophoppertjes :-) Vooral de laatste, haha! Vond je 'orange' ook erg mooi; waar is die? Groetjes,

  2. adorable bunnies! I wonder what would happen if your bunnies got together with my bunnies..........? lol

  3. YVONNE! Is that really... a....a... crotch shot (excuse me for my lack of better vocabulary) of the adorable bunny!? LOL It's the cutest thing ever!! I go into that pose all the time in yoga;-)


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