Monday, April 18, 2011


I'm taking Brandi's e-course, MOVE. I thought it was about time for me to start paying more attention to my body, and stop treating it solely as a vehicle for my head. After 37 years, I've finally come to realise that I am more than my mind. And it's a good thing. It's timely, although a little late in life ;) I'm finding out it's much easier to relax when you actively use your body. As opposed to telling yourself to "relax already!!" You can actually, actively, take a break from yourself and the incessant voices in your head! Did you know that?!

I gifted my sister this course too, for her birthday. We're making it a point to do the weekly assignment together at least once. Two weeks ago, we sat behind my laptop to do sitting yoga :)

Last Tuesday had us outside for a walk in nature. And it was lovely! Pictures to prove :) I loved the way the conversation flowed because we were moving! We were meant to feel our muscles move, consciously, and I even got round to doing some of that! ;)

Nature walks won't be my weekly Thing. For no other reason than the fact that it actually takes a car to get to 'nature' from where I live. And I don't have my license. So that puts a spanner in the works right there...

But I've taken up yoga about a month ago, and love it! And I'm quite looking forward to whatever else Brandi comes up with - week 3 starts today, and there's another 3 weeks left!


  1. the photos are absolutely lovely!!!! OMG...I love reading about your adventures and I absolutely love how you put it...'dont want your body to be a vehicle for your head'.

  2. Great to see you having so much fun in the sun Yvonne...

    We're so lucky that we live right on nature's doorstep - I'm sure otherwise, I'd barely make it there at all!


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