Monday, December 19, 2011


You are amazing. I just wanted you to know that. I am blown away by the heartfelt comments on my last blog post, and the ones before that. Thank you so much for taking the time to support me and lift my spirits when I'm being awkward about my art. It really means the world to me!

I know that at times it seems I'm nothing but awkward about my art, but I'm not. Not all the time :) I just need to dump, sometimes. To let go of some of the stuff that's cramping my style and making it hard to listen inside.

I love it - so much! - that you talk to me! It really does help!

I've been doing way more painting than I've been sharing here lately, but I will post about that later. There's a reason why there is no illustration to this post :) I want to do something for you. To say 'thank you' properly. And to wish you happy holidays!

If you leave me a comment here or per email (turquoise.tortoise(at) and send me you postal address (email or in a FaceBook message), I'll send you a handwritten card of my own design, per post :) Because I really, deeply, appreciate you being here.


  1. Oh Yvonne..You are so nice thought !!!
    I really love your art works..i can see your daily life, thoughts and feelings from your drawings. it's really important for me because lots of people dont want to show their feelings and use very thick masks on their faces.
    i think we should say "thank you" to you for your sincerity....and i have to also add that your all comment very important and encouraging for me..
    wishing you happy and creative week..:)

  2. You are cool. I totally get you. I wish there were not so many miles between us because we would so hang out and art together! I think you are awesome and funny and talented and do not listen to anyone who says otherwise (especially that mean dude) xokp

  3. What a lovely and kind thing to do Yvonne! I know what you mean about being grateful for the people who take the time to stop by and read our musings! It never ceases to amaze me! What fantastic friends we have been able to make through this wonder called the internet!

  4. Yvonne! I LOVE this post! I totally agree with Kristen that you are cool. And I am lucky to actually live nearby, I'm sure we will be meeting soon to get out there and draw/paint/scribble/doodle ... Create
    I think you're couragious for 'dumping' your feelings and sharing them online. And don't forget: you're an amazing artist, you go tell that mean dude!

    Happy holidays to you and your family

    And hell yeah, I am totally going to send you my adress- I'd love to recieve a postcard!

  5. Hi Yvonne,
    What a lovely, generous idea! Now, I'm jumping on the bandwagon here: I know I don't comment as much as others on your blog, but I would just LOVE to get one of your cards. So if you have enough to spare, pretty please???? Thanks, see ya soon, Anne.....

  6. Jij bent amazing !! Wat een post :-)

  7. Dear Yvonne, you are the best! I want to thank you for lifting my spirits, your posts speak deep inside from my heart and it feels so good to know that I am not alone with these struggles, doubts and fears about making art.
    You are so much on your right way, girl, I am sure!
    Oh I´d love to receive a postcard..thank you so much!!!!

  8. Yvonne, you are a great artist, remember the Silly-land? I wrote the same there. I don't know how your life is or how your soul is, or what you believe or you don't, but this one is true, you are an artist.
    And I want to wish you a Merry Chrismas in the company of your most beloved!

  9. Hey beautiful. I love your authentic sharing and all the wonderful creating you are doing here. Little, small steps...and look at you...with each small step you are taking bigger steps, too. Big hugs, my friend. And I, too, am SUPER excited for the next session of Inside Out. Together...we will continue to grow and BECOME the creative beings we are. right. now. today. and always. xo

  10. ....and I LOVE the card I received today! Thank you thank you thank you, for the beautiful card and the wonderful and personal words! Have a great new year's eve and a fantastic 2012!!

  11. Oh, and your handwriting is awesome.


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