Tuesday, November 27, 2012


This New Year? 
Not to constantly feel the tugs - big and small - that I SHOULD be things I'm not, but to finally be who I AM.
Yes. Warts & all.
Basically? I want to YAY my warts this year :D

P.S. this is a cut-out from a collage I did back in January. Note to self - and to YOU! - cutting and pasting random words from magazines, composing wisdom by accident, is a great way to cut loose from the crap in your brain ;)


  1. Hi Yvonne, Thanks for visiting me today and your nice comment:) I HEAR YOU! I love this post and I like what you are saying. I am off work this week for vacation and basically doing nothing but drawing/painting but, man, the crap going on in my head...."I should.." "I oughta.." "You better..." "do this" "do that" ...baaaah! Its been hard but I'm trying hard not to feel like I should be pulled in sooo many directions. I am notorious for starting something and then being diverted to another and another. Leaving bits and pieces of projects in my wake and nothing to show for it. I have already 're-done' my Etsy shop in my mind a hundred times. My brain just needs to shut up! THANKS for letting me vent:)))


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