Thursday, June 13, 2013


There's a lot going on - in my head. But it doesn't have words. I'm just looking. And listening. Which is nice, for a change :)

How are you?


  1. You captured them really well I think.

    I'm glad you are in the listening mode only, not the arguing or explaining one. Observing is also pretty cool as it can be very eye-opening in the end. (what a weird sentence)

    I'm very well, thank you for asking ;)

  2. I agree with nini. Excellent eyes! (both the sketch and the model!)

  3. Being quiet and listening to hear the voice of your heart. Don't know if that's what going on in your case. ;-). But this came to mind while reading your words and seeing your drawing.

  4. Lovely drawing... and the listening sounds like being open... which always bring interesting new perspectives.
    I'm doing well... It's winter in Cape Town and my mind is still adjusting after all the wonderful perspectives of our travelings.

  5. Hi Yvonne, I love this drawing!! Sorry for being so silent over here..I am fine! Although art-wise there is NOTHING going on right now, this surviving as a guerrilla-freelancer (so far I can pay my rent every month but not much more) occupies so many anxiety-space in my head..I am just never calm enough to give myself some time off for creative endeavors. But it´s ok, I am still figuring out how to organize my time in a better/different way, earn more money, find a new job..and there is much more going on in my thoughts, without finding words yet. Have a wonderful summer my dear, I will step by here and follow you. Big hugs, love, Barbara


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