Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The (first) week's assignment for my photography course is 'Our Daily Bread'. It took some insomnia to come up with an idea. But it's a good one; I can use it twice!
My dad will retire this November. He's worked for De Hoogovens, now Corus Steel, his entire working life. 47 years! I think that's impressive.
I had already planned to go to IJmuiden/Wijk aan Zee to take some pictures there, for a retirement-gift-idea my mom came up with. Moving that trip forward a little, we went last weekend. So I could use some of the pictures I took for tonight's assignment (not to mention spending a sunny, warm, early-autumn afternoon playing with sand on the beach, with Man & Baby Boy!).
Because Corus provided me, through my dad's hard work, with daily bread for almost 19 years of my life. And then some, on and off. There are still occasional days of bread (and coffee, cookies, and home-cooked meals...) of course, courtesy of De Hoogovens, when we visit my parents.
I sincerely hope to be digesting morsels & crumbs off the Corus table for years and years to come. By means of my dad's well-deserved and hopefully thoroughly enjoyed pension ;-)


  1. awesome photo!

    happy retirement for your dad in nov btw :)

  2. Ja, deze foto is echt heel mooi. En de hekken ervoor... Staat ook nog eens voor een afgesloten hoofdstuk!


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