Thursday, September 3, 2009


Calling me 'mamma' is still in its infant shoes, as is Baby Boy. I know I blogged he picked up the pace, but that was then - way back then...
Since then, BB has started calling anything humanoid 'pappa'. At times questioningly, mostly quite convincedly.

Last week, I decided to visit my parents. Just on a spur. Which really was (and still is!) something to be impressed by. It meant taking Baby Boy in his sling and a huge backpack full of his stuff onto a train, changing trains in Amsterdam, and onward. 2 hours door-to-door, approximately. It seemed like a huge mountain to climb on beforehand, but while I was absolutely wrecked when I got off the train to meet my parents, it hadn't been as much of a challenge as I'd envisioned.

Sweetened by pieces of bread and a bottle of diluted applejuice, Baby Boy had been a dream! He looked alternately out of the window and at the people in or entering the carriage, calling everyone, invariably, "pappa!".

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