Friday, September 4, 2009


I designed and ordered this stamp for - well, pretty much all my papercraft projects :-) I'm well-impressed by how it turned out! & it's only an inch in diameter! & it wasn't even very expensive at all!
I recommend this Etsy shop if you have any stamp needs! And I recommend Etsy in general if you are looking for an original gift idea, handmade by someone else (or you could shamelessly copy. Although I would never come right out and recommend that in black on blue in public, of course. Let alone that I would ever do such a thing...)! I also recommend Etsy for you to browse in a lost moment, just to see what people come up with and create! Love the concept of this online marketplace!
& no, I'm not getting paid by Etsy. Honest to your Higher Power, they don't even know I blog.

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