Thursday, December 31, 2009


I grew up with... Well, without music, pretty much. My mom never had much time for it, really, and that was that. One of her standard jokes: "A CD? But I already have a CD!" I'm not denying I was around before CD players were, but it's emblematic. My dad never played his Stones collection in front of her, or us, for that matter. In my memory, the soundtrack to my childhood consists of tediously monotonous football results on the car radio driving back from my grandparents on assorted Sundays.

I got my first radio/cassette player when I was around 13 years old. From my mom's first salary going back to work, incidentally. It's not that she is 'against music', she just doesn't have an innate need for it, like I do :-) So that was the end of my life without music. I haven't looked back since. Squirt hears music on a daily basis. I still miss that I didn't. He might grow up to think my taste in music is pathetically old-fashioned, but he'll know what it's like to soundtrack your life, accidentally.

Who knows? He might even buy me a CD for a birthday one day!


  1. Ik denk dat muziek goed is voor de mens! Het geeft soms net even een ander kleurtje aan een moment, of een andere gedachte. Schijnt ook dat van (klassieke) muziek kinderhersenen anders ontwikkelen, dat daardoor meer verbindingen worden gemaakt!

  2. En laat je hem dan jóuw smaak horen, of van alles wat?

    En ik laat mijn meisje ook graag muziek horen. En dan zing ik graag mee. En je weet waarschijnlijk nog wel mijn zangtalent! Hopelijk 'I don't put her off it for life' :)


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