Friday, December 25, 2009


Squirt eats a tomato with his lunch every day. He loves them. But to be honest, he's not that fussy about food in general. Yet. I'm knocking on unvarnished wood here, like mad.

Yesterday, I gave him a couple of Pure & Honest brand cherry tomatoes. To be fair, they were really good! No cheating, ingredient-wise, when it comes to tomatoes. Squirt was chew-suck-chewing quite seriously. Not a smile to be coaxed from him. He was looking at me accusingly the whole time.

I swear he was thinking, in so many words: "Where have you been hiding this good stuff all of my life?!"

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  1. Wij hadden het er vanmorgen nog over, dat hij zo lekker alles eet! Ik vond het olijven-verhaal wat je vertelde ook heel bijzonder. Geen wonder met zo'n eetlust dat hij van Baby Boy zomaar Squirt wordt! :D


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