Saturday, August 8, 2009

organic fantasy

They have re-invented their line of organic foods at the local upmarket grocery; all the labels are now... well, how you'd expect the 'target-audience' to like them. Bolder fonts in white on natural colours and hints of idyllic country living. Okay, the last bit is my interpretation ;-)
I always look through the whole selection of baby food on the shelves - try to give Baby Boy as much variation as possible - which includes organic. I don't mind organic. Organic is food, right?
I spot 'Blueberry Fantasy' among the organic fruitmixes - now that sounds interesting! I check the ingredients, and discover they have added a handful (7%!) of blueberries to a lot (93%!) of - organic, they feel they need to mention - apples!
They call the line 'Pure & Honest', and I can't fault them there; it's a lot more 'Fantasy' than 'Blueberry', but they didn't actually lie.
Still, I didn't buy the jar. Somehow felt cheated. Another idyllic country dream shattered...

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  1. hahaha!! Da's inderdaad aardig wat fantasie!
    Die nieuwe verpakkingen waren mij ook opgevallen inderdaad, ik ben behoorlijk VOOR biologisch voer, maar als het duidelijk wordt dat het hoofddoel hebberige graai-heid wordt haak ik ook af hoor... Was vast een 100% blueberry-prijs die ze ervoor vroegen... :(


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