Monday, January 18, 2010


True to the New Year's promises I made myself, in so many words, I have been stirring soul soup over the past week. And I've come up with something important. It's an open door, really. Something I have been telling myself for years (and I might have shouted it, too, once or twice). I'm not sure I will take it to heart this time, any more than I've been able to in the past. But I do want to type it down, black on blue, so I can revisit it if needs be.

I need to stop measuring my inner self - insecurities, fears, flaws and idiosyncrasies included - against other people's social identities.

There. That's it. My word for the future - right next to feel - is integrity.


  1. amen -- that's a big, and important, one i've just recently truly appreciated. so congrats!!! as i tell myself: only good will come of this!

  2. I need a tatoo of that. On the back of both hands.
    That's beautiful Yvonne - XOX


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