Wednesday, March 17, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, I tumbled onto Sara's blog, FULL HANDS. She writes about incorporating bicycling into her daily family life. Reading and clicking around a little, I got the impression that cycling is pretty much an alternative lifestyle to many Americans, and there seems to be a thriving community of people on bikes connecting through blogs!
Pretty cool to read about, and at the same time so alien to me! Over here, in this flat little frog country, everyone (apart from the newest immigrants) learns to ride a bike early on, and most of us stick with it throughout life. In many instances, it's much easier to grab the bike than to go by car, and this country is geared to cyclists - to the extreme! You'll find bike lanes and separate paths almost everywhere, and riding a bike is - pretty much - as safe as walking the sidewalk (I guess I have to add that walking is quite safe here, too).
Now I'm an oddity in my own right for not knowing how to drive a car - but that's a different story :-)

On Sara's blog, I read this post. It's not so much about riding a bicycle, although the author of the excerpt - Joe Kurmaskie - is taking cycling to a whole nother level, even for a weathered Dutch girl like me! But what he writes about raising children, exposing them to the elements, so to speak - that is so true, and really touched something!
There is no way for children, or adults for that matter, to experience only the good. To protect yourself and the people you love from all possible mishap means you'll miss a lot of beauty, too. Besides, there is no way to stop bad things from happening altogether...

When I read that post, my punchline was going to be about Squirt taking a nosedive over the side of the couch, and quite possiby swallowing my nose stud. As you do. About how I didn't imagine Kurmaskie was talking about those particular life experiences, per se.

And then, life happened a little, again, and the post didn't get written. Until today. When Squirt fell down the stairs; backwards to start off with. Top to bottom, hitting all 13 steps on the way down. Ending up with two bumps, bruises and a friction burn on his forehead and chin... And thank the little angel on his shoulder, that was all. Well, that and a severely shocked mamma. Who can't get over how unbelievably stupid it was not to close the perfectly fine baby gate for whatever, whatever reason! And who really doesn't want to think about how much worse this could have been...

Resulting in the - not so much punchline, more like stern warning that there is a lot to be said for experience and against overprotection, and I agree. But not taking basic measures to prevent calamity from happening is plain stupid. No one can argue with that!

Okay. That wasn't funny. At all. I'm going to get me a cup of coffee and try to get the shakes to stop! Squirt was checked over by a doctor and pronounced 'fine'. He's sleeping off his own hangover of sorts - probably deciding when it might be safe to trust the female parental unit again... ;-)

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  1. wow. that scary stuff makes me shake too. and i learned yesterday that shaking is the best thing you can do with your body after a trauma. it is shaking it all out. i was told my doctor to make my body shake on purpose more when i feel traumatized/stressed/ whtever. you know. i am so glad he's okay!!!!


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