Monday, March 22, 2010


An egg, hard boiled for safety. Ready to go on a trip around the world. Or one or two provinces of this little country, anyway. Which is an oddity in itself, all part of the photography workshop I've signed up for - but more on that later!

This is what happens when you leave an egg on the table around here :-)

Luckily, it was boiled. Happy coincidence that I was already focused on egg-picture-taking or I would have cleaned the mess and regretted the missed opportunity later!


  1. sounds like such a fun project. can't wait to hear more.

    also, thanks so much for your kind words on my blog in regards to my grandmother's passing. i feel happy that she's in a peaceful place.


  2. right now, before serious editting, I have 508 pictures of 'egg travelling the world' on my camera... :)

    Your grandmother sounded like a beautiful person!

  3. Heee! A budding scientist -- looking very intent on discovering everything there is to know about that egg. A great shot!

  4. :) I wish I had gotten a better shot - his finger is actually inside the egg, and after that he proceeded to eat some, shell & all; my attempt at getting the shards out of his mouth met with his sharp little teeth :)


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