Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Due to an army of tummy bugs on the rampage, making our house their home for an extended layover, I'm going to keep it simple. No home-grown fun today... Just some things I stumbled upon. Some things that I could use reminding of, on a more or less regular basis.

On Keri Smith's blog (author of 'Wreck This Journal', a.o.), from her Rebel's Manifesto, this one so speaks to me:

care not for the opinions of others. they are based on their own thoughts and fears.

And she posted this, a while ago:

Love that! Nicely in line with The Artist's Way, the old(ish) classic I'm working through - when I'm not running to you-know-where!

I still don't think of myself as an artist. But that's okay; I'm not sure being an artist is - really - what I'm aspiring to be. Then again, it might be. But for now, I just want to be more creative, daily. And it's working, mostly! But funny thing about the above? Substitute the artist-related words for life-related words and it makes just as much sense! Mostly. If you want it to. Well, you know what I mean :-)

These are things that (can) get in the way of being honest, authentic - as an artist and a human being. Not the be-all-end-all, but a good start for thinking!
I'll be pondering them. You know where...

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  1. jaaa, die heb ik ook, Keri Smith en ze is heel cool! Ik heb nu twee boeken van haar en ik eet gele dingen of bedenk honderd dingen die je kunt doen met een potlood:-). erg leuk! en je blog is super, net als de foto's trouwens! lfs, Sas


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