Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This might make no sense, but you know...

There are days I so hate having to be the responsible adult that I'm really not! There is a very defiant little girl inside of me. At times I'm surprised no one can actually hear her scream - or see her standing there, fingers firmly in her ears, singing lalaLALALAAAA! Which probably is a good thing.

All a propos of nothing in particular - not right now, anyhow. Playing around with cookies - as a petulant child must - this was what came out. Mysterious minds & their meanderings...
Just wondering; am I the only one who feels so completely out of depth in the 'grown-up world' at times?


  1. i love coming to your wonderful, thoughtful space here! i'm wondering if i can add your blog link to the list of others on my blog? let me know and keep playing with your food, yvonne!

  2. Nee hoor je bent niet de enige ... ik heb wel eens in de stromende regen keihard in de plassen staan stampen ... dat begreep ook niet iedereen LOL Groet en fijne dag! x


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