Friday, May 7, 2010


From the morning pages I wrote today:

"A lesson reinforced: you can't just expect Happy & Fun to miraculously make a run-of-the-mill day perfect. It happens, of course, more than occasionally, but when you specifically want Special - it might need some encouragement, some planning.
Like 'Future' needs planning. It won't magically appear on your doorstep all pretty & tied up with ribbons and pearls. Rather, it will happen right outside your window (under your nose). While you're cutting the dead flowers out of your geraniums, wondering when the sun will come out. Or something. The metaphor might not help, but I get my drift. Basically - happy is, at times, a verb."


  1. great words...have a happy weekend.

  2. Thank you! Hope you have a beautiful mother's day!


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