Wednesday, November 3, 2010


That's the change-of-address card I designed, stuck to a journal page that was so out of my comfort zone, it kept me from doing anything creative for days! Until I decided it would do nicely as a background :)

'Ontpolderen' basically translates to 'depoldering'. For the purpose of the card, it means 'getting out of the polder'. Although it also means, colloquially, to stop endless debating. And to flood previously poldered land - but that's just coincidence ;) It's a fine polder, it really is; even when pretty much everyone who doesn't live here thinks otherwise. It's been a good place to live for the past 11 years. So much has happened here... Lots I've dwelt upon over the past months, and lots I'll be dealing with when we're gone and relative quiet surrounds us again.

We're going back to 'old land'. Get our feet dry. The green gables are typical of the place we're moving to. Quite coincidentally, it's the same municipality I was born in and where I spent the first 13 years of my life! It sort of, a little bit, feels like going back to my roots. I hope it'll prove to be a good choice in the end. Scary stuff. All of it!

We got the keys and signed our lives away last Monday, and we'll seriously start working on the place next week. Busy times ahead! I might pop up here in between, I'm not quite sure how everything will fall into place. I'm just sure that it will, fall into place, and that I'll come up the other side. To breathe!

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