Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Mr Funny Pants turned TWO last Saturday! Two whole years of having this beautiful boy in my life, two years since becoming a mamma! It's been amazing, awesome, wonderful, crazy, weird (in a good way, mostly!), wild; it's a continuous learning curve that's blowing my socks off!

I love it! I LOVE my baby boy, who is most definitely not a baby boy anymore, but will forever be my baby boy :)

Thank you so much for being you & being here, Squirt! You've made my world a much better, more fun, happier, softer & kinder place to dwell in :)


  1. Geweldige foto !! Hij ziet er ineens .. ehhh ... veel wijzer LOL uit ! Veel groter in elk geval :-) Groet,

  2. aw.... he is still a baby boy!! Super photo!!

  3. Aww, two already! Happy birthday, a little bit late :-)

  4. It's such an exclusive club, to be a mamma, isn't it! :-)


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