Thursday, November 4, 2010


as a mamma I feel torn - at times - between teaching my child that dancing on coffee tables isn't NECESSARILY a 'done thing' - & saying 'what the heck baby! dance till you sleep!'

Inspired by a SARK quote that I read somewhere about a year ago - to say YES as often as you can. And I do - wholeheartedly! But at times it presents a challenge - like this one ;)

Do you ever hesitate to say NO? Or YES, for that matter?


  1. I am completely with you on this! I let William do a few "no-no's" just to let him experience the joy of life. He's figured out what he can do around me and what he can do around others isn't necessarily the same thing!

    xo Erin

  2. i love to say YES as much as long as it's not a big safety issue than i really do try to find the YES when it comes to my son... and most places seem pretty safe and necessary for dancing!!

  3. I find that we often say "no" to our kids because of our own education: be a nice and quiet child....blablabla. I say living out loud is better!
    What the heck, let him dance, life will soon be very complicated and dancing on coffee-tables will surely be one of his best memories.

  4. thanks for all the comments :D
    I always ask myself - when tempted to say no - 'why not?' and if I can't come up with a good reason, I go with 'what the heck' ;)


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