Sunday, March 6, 2011

spoiled part II

A while ago, I wrote this post. About not being ME, not being true to my soul, not feeling much at all - until through messy vermilion ink something came out. I entered that post in the Dirty Footprints Studio Art Journal LOVE Day party giveaway (I know, it's a mouth full *;)*) because the Me who made that messy heart and wrote that post felt that some bravery was in order.
And then something awesome happened: I won a prize!! I honestly can't remember when I last won anything!!
Barbara of Creative Fires Studio donated a pack of Swiss ephemera including chocolate - that is, Swiss chocolate! - and I was the lucky winner! It took 10 whole days to get here, I had all but given up on Swiss/Dutch postal services, but yesterday a package slapped on the doormat, and here's what was in it:

Before I had actually even properly opened the package to look, two chocolate hearts had already mysteriously disappeared...

But you have to understand - this was Lindt chocolate!! If you don't know what it means, you really do have my deepest sympathy... ;)

There are some lovely old papers in the package that will challenge me out of my comfort zone! I have never used ephemera or done much collage in general, so it will be interesting to explore new techniques. I love that bull :)

Barbara was nice enough to tuck in some extra chocolate! I'm really going to try and save some for ehm... tomorrow? ;)

I know, even as a doting mamma, that this is not the cutest expression on my toddler ;) But in the face of sweet stuff, especially chocolate, he just can't contain himself. I have no idea where he gets it from. None, you hear?!

Thank you so much, Barbara, it was definitely worth the wait :) & I love your little card!

Be sure to go look at her blog. She does awesome self-portraits and shares thought provoking insights. Incidentally, she is also one of the artists teaching a workshop in Dirty Footprints Studio's 21 Secrets, which starts April 1st. It looks like an amazing experience; I'm definitely considering joining. Looking forward to the desciptions of the different workshops being offered this round!


  1. Thanks Yvonne - I love these photos - how cool to see the package arrive safe and sound and find a great new home! Chocolates and all! You take the most beautiful photos!


  2. Hier wilde ik ook nog op reageren - altijd gaaf om iets te winnen; zeker als je noooit wat wint (contradictio in terminis!! :-)). 't Is zeker al op? Lekker hoor - en mooie foto's, ook van Isaak die meesnoept. Doei!


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