Tuesday, August 23, 2011


It's been a while. Euphemistically put. Life got in the way, as it does from time to time. I've been living in my head. My art supplies had to wait it all out. They didnt like it, and neither did I - hindsight, anyway.

I've been doing a lot of thinking, a lot of growing. I had another miscarriage in June (my second) and fell apart a little. I picked myself back up and looked at the grand scheme of things. Browsed a book or five and kept what was useful. I got deeply into acupuncture - or should I say it got deeply into me? - and am a lot better for it. I went to Africa and learned some more life lessons. One of them is that my brushes need me. Or I need them, but that's semantics ;) I started volunteering at the local Fair Trade giftshop & love it. Despite the fact that it's an expensive hobby ;) & last but not least: my baby is potty trained and ready for the world. He loved Africa, too.

I've got quite a few drawings waiting to be posted. And I fully intend to do more :)
This? This is a start :)

Thank you so much for still being here...


  1. It's so great to see you back, Yvonne. I ended up spending much of my summer in my head as well, and I feel like I know exactly where you are coming from. So sorry to hear all that you had to go through... but I'm glad you realized your brushes need you:-) By the way, I had never heard of the Heather Nova song before, and I checked it out now—it's beautiful.

  2. Welcome back! You’ve been missed! (So sorry to hear what you’ve been through, but I’m glad you’re doing better now.) Can’t wait to see your artwork! Glad you’re back to your brushes.

  3. Yvonne!!!
    I hadn't understand what you wrote. I´m so sorry about what happened in june, but I'm glad that you are now doing better and back to here and to your brushes. How was it in Africa? Volunteering sounds great, keep on it if you enjoy it! And keep your eyes in your little boy, he is such a wonder!! I send you a big, BIG HUG from here!!


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