Wednesday, August 31, 2011


On our first day in South Africa, Squirt got a wire car. A toyota, even! A gift from his grandad ('oupa Afrika') that had been waiting for him for months :) Within hours, he was fluent with the steering wheel, and he never left it anywhere he couldn't see it :) It really was awesome to watch him with that thing!

Of course, I couldn't leave it out of my 'Africa sketchbook', so I drew it. Eventually ;) It took a while to build up the courage to tackle this thing! And it took me hours...

I was convinced that if I could draw this, I could draw anything. Of course, that's not exactly true - I've already proven that to myself ;) But it was - probably - the hardest think I ever tried to draw, and I'm definitely proud of how it turned out!


  1. And proud you should be! It is awesome! I can see where it would be intimidating but you rose to the occasion! Great job! Keep pushing yourself! As Dr. Seuss says “oh the places you’ll go!” (Figuratively speaking of course, LOL)

  2. Great job...that is a very complicated subject!!!!

  3. Wow, you can believe it! Now you can draw anything!!! The car skeleton looks really cool, both your drawing and the real one, I can imagine how happy Squirt can be with it!
    Oops, I almost forgot! Thanks for your VERY nice comment. I have to say, edition had a lot to do in the photos. Have you tried?

  4. Yvonne,

    This is too, too brilliant! The way you have reproduced the wire mesh and the wheels are amazing. You are SO talented! Will be in touch soon. Cheers, Anne Boelhouwer


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