Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I drew a logo for my neighbour/friend who wants to start selling her crochet and knit work. It says 'wollol', which sort of means 'fun with wool'.

I'm so psyched about it :) This morning, faced with an empty house and hours to spend on whatever I wanted, inspiration - of course - didn't come. Until N asked me to design a logo - if I had nothing else on. Synchonicity? Well, okay, not really. I had texted her asking her what to draw ;) & it just sort of happened - the flow! It only took me 2 hours of drawing, scanning and a little Photoshop-time, plus two cups of coffee while my designs were being scrutinised ;)

Only thing is - now I'm full of energy but I still don't have inspiration. I guess I'm free to do nothing with the rest of this day then?

p.s. N said the smile I show below looks a little fake. Hah. I took a photo of myself and displayed it on the internet - that's quite enough honesty for one day!


  1. Brilliant!!!! love it

  2. Wow, Wollol! Looks great, very ingenious! I also drew a logo for a friend of a friend, makes fun, don't you think?


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