Saturday, October 8, 2011


Hateful when you discover a spelling mistake just when you're finished & quite pleased with yourself!! Oh well...


  1. I had to look several times to find the spelling mistake! LOL (Maybe nobody else will notice!) Charming sketch!

  2. thanks for looking several times, Robin, LOL :) You know, we sure have a lot of fruit flighs here, at the moment, but I guess that's not the right spelling either, huh? ;)

  3. I also had to look and read the whole text again, slowly! Hahaha, so, fruit flighs hahaha! Great!
    About paper: it happens to me that I draw better and easier in "bad" papers. Prooved! When I get a good paper, I fear I can do it not so good, and then pressure comes and then I don't draw as good as in normal office paper. I have to change that! I deserve to be in a good paper! As you said, I'm worth it! Yes!

  4. If you wouldn't have made the comment, yvonne, I think no one actually would have noticed!
    in spite of the spelling mistake: this is a real cute illustration!

  5. Just adoring your choice of colors and the overall feeling of this piece! And no, I would have never noticed the spelling thing either ;-)


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