Wednesday, October 19, 2011


It was beautiful, it had a tail & all! I don't think I've ever seen a shooting star with a tail before!

So I started wishing for more creative courage, more creative juice, renewed belief in my own unique style, and ended up monologuing in my head. Whether I'd be jinxing my family's health and financial well-being by asking for something so... selfish! A luxury, really. I went back and forth with myself for a while, and just like that, the moment was gone.

I have no idea what the Universe in Its endless wisdom does with multifaceted... wishpuddles. But I'm sure it will be good! I believe that, you know?

Do you think it's selfish to use such a special wishing moment on yourself? It's hours later by now, and I'm still befuddled!

I just sat, gut-wrenched, through an emergency doctor's visit. Squirt fell down the stairs? off a stair? just slipped? really hard, hitting his head on the marble floor tiles in the hallway - I didn't see it! What sort of a mother am I?! He was all pale and groggy and half out of it... But he seems fine now. Thank the stars - kids get over these things SO much quicker than their mothers!
So of course, here I am, wondering whether he fell because of the above, or whether he's fine, because of the above ;) At times, it's EXHAUSTING, having an active, imaginative mind ;)


  1. The Universe is a very real thing and I think it just sent you a message - if you have creative courage, then It's got your back... :)

  2. No, Yvonne, i don 't think it's selfish at all to use a special wishing moment on yourself. I mean, one must always start from home.
    To have a special moment to yourself, to ask the Universe to fill you, replentish you and give you courage to go forward is to also, simultaneously, ask those things for your family. When you are enriched and benefitting, so are the people in your life. At least I believe that....

  3. hmmm for me.. fill up your own well first full.. that it can't help but spill joy out wherever you go!!

    Kids learn lots of cool stuff by falling .. like.. hmm.. maybe I'll go slower.. maybe I'll watch out for those stairs.. maybe I should hold on etc.. you are a great mama... your squirt will be fine! ( I have one that has made it all the way to 12! .. if I can do it you sure can :)

    Cheers , Helen

  4. I do not believe it is selfish to wish to take advantage of such a moment to wish for something for yourself. In fact, I believe it is our duty to take good care of ourselves.

  5. You know the saying, "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!" I don't think it's selfish at all! I agree with Helen, fill yourself first and it will brim over onto others.
    As far as squirt goes, aw, poor baby! Glad he’s alright! And you are a great mother! Boys will be boys, life happens!

  6. Hello, over from CC. Thank you for your comment. Definitely not selfish and definitely nothing to do with squirt's fall (very glad to hear he's OK):) I think fulfilling your dreams and potential is an amazing example to set for your kids. Can you imagine passing them the gifts of courage and creative belief? How amazing would that be?
    As comment above says boys will be boys!

  7. Ahh, sigh, you lucky-one my shootingstar with a tail is long gone now (1996 Bornholm)... By the way the only summer i spent where the Milky Way was THAT visible every night for two weeks... i felt so tiny.
    How are you sweety? And the family?
    Hugs Judith :-)


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