Saturday, January 21, 2012


I love advertiser mythology ;)
Of course, since this tea is in my cupboard, I've bought it; hook, line & sinker...
It's lovely tea, honestly. But I can multitask. I can throw a hissy fit while sipping!


  1. Very pink !! Very cool :-)

  2. A hissy fit while drinking hot tea could be very dangerous! You be careful now! LOL Great painting!

  3. Yes tea - isn't it a life saver. My son has once bet me I couldn't go a day without having a cup of tea - turns out - he's right!

  4. Love this! I love a bit of balancing too ;)

  5. I don't understand all the text, but what I did, sounded funny. Cool sketch! By the way, you look great in orange! And the new blog look is really cool and brilliant!

  6. Guess what, Yvonne, I used to have that exact same tea bag saucer! (wonder where it went...)

    Love the analogous color scheme and the texture you create with watercolor :-)


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