Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Was I complaining that I wanted to have her mailbox just the other day, because she was receiving some awesome, artistic mail art, today I received this in mine!

Just to say thank you for the Christmas cards I sent out in comment gratitude :)
Robin, thank you, so very much!! This made my day, and quite possibly will make tomorrow as well :) Receiving arty mail from someone who makes me smile with pretty much every blog post she writes is... well... it makes me mushy... I'm going to go get it a frame, and look at it every day! That's how happy this makes me! At least!


  1. You are very welcome, Yvonne! I am delighted to have you as my friend!

  2. Oh wow that's lovely and such a cute picture. That would have made me smile too.

  3. Awesome! I came from Robin's blog when I saw your comment. I love and read and laugh with her every day!!!


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