Saturday, May 26, 2012


Of course I've been drawing outside again :D Although not as much as I would have liked to - but there you go. Such is life, such is my life in many aspects at the moment. Still trying to find balance, still sucking at it ;) A work in progress...

But stuff is happening, though! Inspired by this book, a tip from Jodi on her very inspiring blog, I sort of came to a conclusion about my style. My outside style. What I know and love - pen and watercolours - will work beyond these walls, too. Why not?! I can work on being faster, I can work on being a little less into detail, but I don't need to reinvent myself! Hindsight, I really don't get why I made such a big ado about it all - I guess it was nerves about taking the show on the road in the first place ;) Sometimes, apparently, it takes a lot of hard thinking & going round in circles to find you were alright & okay to start with. Hmm! I send myself on wild goose chases! No wonder I can't seem to find balance :D

Here's what I drew on Mother's Day after deciding to stick to what I know:

A little work-in-progress :) Fun to see myself working when I didn't even notice the pictures being taken :) I've found out I'm not as sensitive to my surroundings (specifically: people!) when drawing outside as I thought I'd be - which is another good thing to know! It makes it much easier to plonk myself down somewhere, regardless, and draw!

And here's the final image, some details - involving a bit of creative license - drawn from a bench in the sun, while Amsterdam was busy all around me:

And, last Saturday, I had an art date with Koosje, who actually got me thinking about taking my art outside in the first place :D We met online through Stephanie Levy's Creative Courage e-course and this was the second time we saw each other in real life - while she is already awesome on the 'net, she's even more fun in person :D We spent a really cool afternoon chatting, drawing & painting outside in Amsterdam, which will definitely be repeated! Here's (part of) the loot:

This may sound cheesy, but to heck with it: YAY - from my toes! - to new friends with creative habits!! We should all examine what we loved most when we were kids and find people who'll take it beyond kindergarten with us!! That really is awesome & I'm so grateful :D

Here's to old and new friends who've been out drawing with me - to many more chat & draw dates to come :D This really is a style of getting together and hanging out that I could get used to :D


  1. Slàinte! :-) (accent wel de andere kant op ...)

  2. Love that you two met to draw. That is super cool. I love your character filled little sketches in gorgeous colours. I would love to join you both one day. It shows in your drawings that you had fun. "We should all examine what we loved most when we were kids and find people who'll take it beyond kindergarten with us!" Definitely :)

  3. Balance is very precarious! LOL (sorry, I couldn’t help myself!) Looks like you had a great time! Wonderful sketches! I’m envious; I wish I could go with you!

  4. Thanks for the lovely mention! I love that you two got out and about! and I love these new sketches. You definitely have a way with watercolour and pen. I especially love the picture of you in cool!

  5. Yvonne, I'm glad that you enjoy drawing and sketching outside. I wish I could do that too! Have to give it a try.
    By the way, I have already answered to four of your 11 questions, and some friends have also replied, I would love if you could have a look to the illustrated replies of all. Even maybe you want to illustrate any of them! Nice week!

  6. Yay for our creative friends! They are so inspiring aren't they? I love your architectural sketches. So good! i laughed about saying you suck at balance...LOL I do too. I think there are alot of us:)

  7. Oh my, that book on urban drawing looks like a must have!... So wonderful that you and Koosje went sketching together - definitely extending the boundries of the inspiring Creative courage e-course... to real life! You're making me want to start planning a drawing of some kind shortly! Especially like the beautiful streetlamp!

  8. YAY from my toes too!! Aw Yvonne, thank you for mentioning me. I think it's awesome how you've inspired me to have the courage and take out my watercolours on our art date! And thank you for introducing me to the brush pen and the watercolour brush pens.
    I absolutely love the page you did on mother's day, and the page you did on our date is so nice. That boat is awesome. I like it how you combine things on one page, They just fit together perfectly!
    Let's create some more this sunday! YAY again!

  9. Hi, Yvonne, thanks for your nice comments, I just replied to all of them if you want to have a look.
    Here, it's great that you go out drawing, I would love to do that too. Your drawings are really beautiful. I love the one of Cafe Hoppe, the light in the glass. Go on!

  10. Love these little details of your local sights. It makes me want to wander around Boulder with sketchbook (although I don't have your skill for catching architecture).


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