Friday, May 10, 2013


I'm thinking about it. Changes, I mean. To my approach. In a very broad sense. But I'm me, and it's all tentative, as usual, so I won't sing about it, out loud, quite yet. I need to flesh those bones a little, first. And it could all well end in the bin, too ;) But to celebrate the idea of new thoughts anyway, here is an unusually quick sketch for you!
Yesterday being a national holiday, we drove to Volendam. Yup. Not quite sure why, the idea struck on the road elsewhere, but it was okay. It was nice, for a quick visit.

Note to self: quite a bit to draw there, architecturally, if I ever feel stuck, and not unimportantly, so inclined ;)

On the road, off to IKEA for a quick and cheap Swedish-meatballs-and-fries meal out (that idea had been stuck in my brain for days, so it had to come out and happen at some stage!), we saw a double decker bus somewhere, sparking imagination - me and Squirt came up with a million ideas to make it fun to live in one :)

When we got home, I needed to get some of the ideas onto paper quickly, and so did Squirt :D He drew! Double, tripple, quadruple deckers :D Which is awesome, since his stuck Theme has been 'a Dragon with Three Heads, a Volcano, and a Brachiosaurus' for weeks now - in whatever medium he gets his eager and quick little hands on ;)
Here's his version - the middle bus has a tent on its roof, the rest of the tents are in front of the wheels, and the bus on the right has a cannon per deck. Of course. We need to defend ourselves against the meanies, don't we?! ;)

Squirt drew outside his box (after a little coaxing, telling him he 'can draw busses, I'm sure of it!'), and I drew outside mine. Quick sketch, bamboo dip pen and Zig brush markers for colour! And I'm posting it on my blog! I've long been thinking about - adding to my can-do, too. About a need to learn to be quicker, dirtier, different - just and especially for fun! To shake things up a little, branch out! This process started after taking Koosje's awesome Just Draw It! ecourse (I'm totally endorsing!), was reinforced by my latest (S L O W) sessions of drawing outside, and definitely inspired by my blog-reading catch-up and especially Koosje's versatility.

Like most things, doing something different is in the doing. Not in thinking about it; not - although it's always inspiring - in looking at how other people do it; but in getting the darn pen and paper out and get DOING! If you wait long enough, think long enough, you're giving yourself ample opportunity to come up with all the reasons why you shouldn't, and then some. Trust me, I know ;)

Now to be honest, I did this quick sketch to - work it out later... To make it into a Bus to Live in, my style. And maybe I still will. There's nothing wrong with my slow but trusted process, I still like my own 'signature style' :) But I really appreciate that I did it like this, first, and I published it, too. Here's to first steps and flaunting them :)

Need inspiration? Why not draw your version of a magical place to live in? :D
Please let me know if you do!


  1. Oh wow! I'd never ever say your bus was a quick sketch Yvonne, never ever! It looks fabulous and I'd have one too. In just about exactly the same colors :) Only with a red tent on the roof top and maybe a little terrace above the driver's cabin :D

    It's awsome you did it like this - I'm still struggling; just like you write about. We should really so go and just DO IT but I really don't know why we have to think about things so much. And plan. And think we are not able to. Yes, I absolutely get you ;)

    Cheers to your courage!

  2. Happy and colorful! Your blogpost and the bus! I drew with my 4 and a half ;-) year old nephew yesterday and i had to encourage him too, like you described:" yes, I know you CAN draw a tree ....:-D

  3. CAN DO! Definitely. You gave me a big smile on my face with this post. Outside the box, inside your magical place. Squirt is a wonderful and inspiring sweetie, and I love his buses drawing too!

    I absolutely love your signature style, you already know that. Nothing wrong with being slow at all. So good to see you playing around and sharing it too!

  4. I love the loose lines of your bus as a fun departure from your usual style (which is also gorgeous!). You son also looks like he's having lots of fun in your photos.

  5. Great bus !! Buses, I should say :-)


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