Thursday, May 2, 2013


You might not think so, from reading here, but we have lovely days, too ;)

When my head is busy, I tend to use this blog to spill. I need to spill somewhere. I think, rethink and overthink, and it needs to go somewhere. To stop it from spinning & swirling, if only for a day or two. But I have a life, too. I like to think that spilling here makes me more able, elsewhere. Places where I need to be able no matter what. When it comes to my kid, I'm there. He sees me sad, he sees me kicking at life, of course - & I honestly believe that it helps somewhere, later in life, to know your mother is a human being with strengths, struggles and weaknesses, which is another discussion - but he gets my most able, too!

We walked through the woods, over the sand dunes to the beach, yesterday. We had some crisps and drinks on the sand, and while Squirt and his dad wanted to find out how cold the water really still is, me and ouma (my South-African mother-in-law is visiting for two weeks) looked for shells. Nothing like the beach to bring out the inner little girl :) 

We walked back to the car park and had a very late... dunch? linner? I don't quite know what to call food at 3.30 pm, but it was good :) 

Everyone else had pancakes, and I had tuna salad on freshly baked, crunchy-crust bread.

One quarter of a slice, immortalised! I didn't do the texture of the salad any justice, but I practised, which is awesome, right?! ;)

We walked about 7k, got sun-kissed (most of us) & sun-burnt (husband) and had a lovely day :) So this is what happens in this life of mine, too. When I'm not here chewing on something, finding feet. I do that a lot - finding feet. Thinking. Overthinking. I won't pretend I don't. But it's not all that's going on, either. We do funny, light, happy around here, too! Just thought you might like to know ;) I went and found my feet where they actually hung out!


  1. Love it! Awesome. Sounds like a wonderful day and you produced wonderful drawings. Yes, I think kids should know their parents are human beings. Because that's what we're trying to teach them to be too ;) Love that you found your feet here. Gorgeous photos too! x

  2. what a perfect day!!! I know what you did eating at 3.30 p.m.: Lunch on Spanish time (-;
    big hugs

  3. This is such a delightful post Yvonne, I see little bits of yellow everywhere. I love your photo montage and your food sketches too, but it's your shells in deep blue ever so gently overhanging the edges that capture me. It's so nice to see you beside the sea and I hope it warms up enough to go in! :D

  4. Awesome! The sketches, the pictures, the day......... :)

  5. Really does sound like a perfectly happy day! I love your illustrations Yvonne and i'm so happy to be seeing more of your gorgeous artwork :)

  6. Been speedsketching again? ;-) Lovely! Pics as well, lovely day :-)

  7. What a lovely sunny day you had. It's really nice to have a peek at your sunny part too ;) I love your drawings and those photos are gorgeous too. I wish you many many more days like this one!

  8. Perfect day! Love the pics and all drawings you made! The shells drawing is my favourite.


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