Monday, May 20, 2013


I know you might be expecting the photos for the second assignment of the Pure Photo Workshop, but I didn't get around to it... It's hard to admit, because I strongly feel that committing to take part means you commit to take part, but I've got some stuff going on in my 'real life' & I sort of forgot to make time. Saturday snuck up on me! All these single-day national holidays and visiting relatives (my father-in-law is here right now) warp time a little, and my head is spinning just a bit - so, quite out of character, I've given myself permission to drop out, this week ;)

& without much more ado, here's why I'm out-of-sorts: I was asked to show some of my work! I was asked! It's hard for me not to back that up with a story that makes it a little less impressive, but I won't :) I'm just going to go with 'I was asked to show some of my work' :)

The 25th of May to the 1st of June this year will be the Dutch week for non-professional art, and the Fair Trade gift shop (Wereldwinkel) where I volunteer is taking part, displaying art in their shop window. I've never made a secret of drawing a lot - so people know that about me ;) - but I was very surprised when the shop coordinator emailed me to ask if I wanted to be the artist to exhibit!

We decided on what to display - I was quite impressed with how she went for my style, as opposed to the more neutral work I'd slipped in - and I've been working on the prints, polishing little blemishes away since Wednesday ;) Here's what will be shown:


There's a lot of mayhem in my head. I'm fighting not to down-play, nor to over-stretch and it's hard work! I'm doing okay, I think, but I don't have a lot to say right now. No oversight, no insight either. The funny thing is, every time I come out of a bad stretch, promising myself that for now it will be all about drawing for myself, to be me inside my life, something happens. Something that shakes me up, tells me something, although I'm never quite clear on what exactly, while I'm in the middle of it all. This time, I'm trying to stay calm (haha). I'm going to try and wait this out - to see what might have shifted on the other side. Instead of forcing things to shift right now ;)

I got this flyer in my local art supply shop:

I took it, along with other flyers, and it wasn't until hours later, when I properly looked, that I saw I'm on it :D Not just that, it says 'kunstenaars', which means artists :D So even when I might still have a hard time referring to myself as an artist, this flyer doesn't, so it must be true ;)
(* the T means 'tekenen', which means 'drawings')

I'm ready for brighter days, and I'm not just talking about Summer and sun ;) Hope you're well! What's happy in your life?


  1. AWSOME news Yvonne! This is great, really great and I'm happy for you! (imagine me smiling and clapping my hands here)

    And I looooove the pieces you are going to show because they obviously give away you and your sense of humor and above all, your amazing drawing skills. Will your shop be displaying your works a bit after the appointed week as well?

  2. Aaahhh! Happy dance! That is so awesome, Yvonne. Congratulations. I'm so glad to see your style applauded. I applaud you! And how exciting to see your name on a flyer. It's all happening!!! xo

  3. Way to go, Yvonne!!!! That is FABULOUS and I'm so excited for you!

  4. this is super!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dis my kind daai!,!

  6. Congratulations Yvonne, this is wonderful !!!
    I really need to hear wonderful news like yours...
    with love from sunny Istanbul :)

  7. Yay for You!!! Super YAY, SUPER YOU!!! How cool is that! Yes you are an artist, of course you are even if the hours in the day don't make you think so. None of us see the hours, we see the art. An artist makes art 'nuff said, doesn't matter how, where, when, with how much or how little or what else they do or can't do! ILove the work you do, I hope you enjoy every moment, before during and after. Keep a few keepsakes for a rainy day and enjoy your time in the sun. I will be smiling for sure. :D

  8. Hey Yvonne - that is excellent :) Well done! Your illustrations are really fantastic so i'm not at all surprised you were asked. It's difficult thinking of ourselves as artists, isn't it? But you most definitely are one! Love x

  9. There you have it. In black and white. Kunstenaar. Yes, that's you!
    Your art is outstanding and I'm superhappy for you that it's going to be on display!
    Congratulations on this achievement!
    And good luck with the prepwork and selecting, too.
    I hope to see the final display 'live' with my own two eyes and plan to have a look next week in Zaandam!

  10. Congratulations Yvonne!!! I love your drawings and your sense of humor in them. You are totally and completely an artist. No doubt!

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  12. Hi Yvonne! I really enjoy your blog and have nominated you for the Sunshine Award. If you’re interested in participating, follow this link back to my blog page to see the read the rules...

  13. Hi, Yvonne! Long time without coming here, wow, CONGRATULATIONS for showing your art to others! This is great, I'm happy for you!
    I am having lately some kind of rejection to whatever "screens-at-home" means or looks like. My blog is really abandoned lately. I have to go on and publish more... and I have to come back here and have a look carefully to all what you have posted last months.
    Take care! It's allways a pleasure to see your work!


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