Thursday, July 18, 2013


There were brief thoughts of blogging daily, and thoughts that lingered longer, about blogging a few times a week. All those thoughts lie abandoned, there where abandoned thoughts go when they're redundant ;) It's a solid week later, and it's okay. I'm okay; still strangely, newly okay with a lot of things these days, and I'm hanging out with it. Getting to know it where it shows up. There's a lot of acquainting myself going on here, and it's... succulent :)

Meanwhile, Summer is still hot and happening in these parts, and I've been documenting! Here are some of the highlights - the condensed version ;)

The slug, as promised - documented in paint and photographed :)

Speaking of wildlife, at 6.15 am last Friday morning, I heard someone's kid screaming. And shout again. And again. Wondering vaguely - while sipping coffee - what parent wouldn't do something about it. Till I realised it was my kid, and that parent doing nothing was me ;) Big drama - a mosquito - "no, there's TWO I think!"... Slapped some stuff on him, hung his mosquito net & left him happy in his tent. He slept until 9.30 am, when I had to actually wake him up! I'm thinking he was awake a while before he shouted for me - pangs of mamma-guilt...

On Saturday, because of snot, I missed the Sketchcrawl Koosje organised in Amsterdam (her blogpost of what I missed is here...). I spent that day getting flowers while reading and watching Squirt and the kid from next door have fun in our blow-up swimming pool - which wasn't necessarily punishment, but I would have preferred to be out sketching! So, I bought myself some new - extremely cheap - cups & drew them to cheer me up.

On Sunday, we went to Leiden, to visit a (boring!) museum, and while I still wasn't feeling entirely wholesome, I sat and drew anyway - because I could :)

The kid is with his grandparents at the moment. He was packed and picked up on Monday, and since he asked for an additional night, I'm not expecting him home until tonight... Luckily I've got this to remember him by ;)

So on Monday, I had time for chores and a drawing ;)

I finalised my attic studio space, too, and found out I didn't need it, per se ;) I've ended up drawing at the coffee table quite a few times, lately, and it's - good. Because drawing is good. And having choice as to where to do it? Is just that, really; choice!

There were two more projects that didn't involve pencils, pens or paint directly:

Squirt's new knotted bracelet that replaced the old one he wore for 18 months (!), and my Inspiration Jar :) If we're friends on FaceBook, you might have added to it already, and I thank you! I intend to continue to draw daily, and there are days when I can't seem to think of anything to draw. Eventhough life is present in abundance, yes. It happens... So this jar will be filled with little slips of paper with words and ideas, along with the name of the person who contributed - and the idea is, I will let you know when I draw one of yours, and let you know where to see it. Because that's the only thing I haven't figured out quite yet ;) There might even be a personal postcard in it for you - so if you want to add your magic to the mix, please do so in the comments section of this post :D And if you're in dire need of ideas to draw? I've got the list on file, and I'm willing to share - in exchange for some extra themes ;)

Nope. This isn't everything. But I'm rethinking the idea of dumping it all in one monster post. I'm going to schedule another one. 

While in quiet mode, this morning, I slowly saw something emerge. About the why of documenting my Summer, or my life, for that matter. And it was eye-opening. And I want to share it. But it warrants its own space, I think. So I'm going to leave it at that, here, for now. You're all updated on the whats of my Summer so far - and I'd love to hear about yours! There's plenty of time for the whys, right?!

Stay cool! Or warm - depending on where you are & your taste in temps ;) Thanks for sharing my Summer with me :)


  1. I love your illustrations and your art space!! Your son is adorable! I love that age-so much fun!

  2. My summer? Contemplating whether I should draw, clean, scrap, read, do suitcases, contemplate (lol) etc. Result: zero :-)
    What an impressice slug!! YUK! Lovvve Squirt's eyes :-) Beautifully drawn mosquito's and mugs :-)

  3. Sitting here indoors in the mid-winter rain, reading this brightens MY day. Maybe that will help you with the Why? If you needed one, which I know you know you don't. This is such a wonderful post. I how long is that slug! Cheetahs travel very fast, but him, I imagine he was pretty slow. Nice juxtaposition there, which you always illustrate so well. As for your word project, I would say it warrants it's own blog. A home under yours, with another door. The studio, the sketching, the crafting, it sure is happening for you, but the absolute delight is captured in those eyes, moving before my eyes. So fun! Thanks for this wonderful feast of treats. There you go, you can add "feast of treats" to your jar. Have fun :D

  4. I love your illustrations too! (mostly.......the slug, not so much. Ewwwwwww! LOL)

  5. I love your posts lately, they come with this positive vibe in them and it makes them a joy to read (not that your older posts weren't a good read they were just much harder to comment on :)).

    The drawing of the vacuum cleaner and the clothes on the line is FABULOUS and I was astound to see in reality it's so small :) Oh the joys of great scanning ;) You edit them so well.

    Looking forward to your next post already!

  6. Looks like a cheerful and colorful summer so far! Keep going :-).

  7. Cool post. Love the drawings you've made. And that animation of Mr I had me laughing out loud. Is he THE CUTEST or what?! I love your attic studio space. So that is a new set-up? We have no space here that I can claim but I fantasise about building a studio in the backyard so we can get our dining room back. This is strictly fantasy stuff. But I bet if we actually did it, I'd still draw and paint on the dining room table ;) It's nice (yet also frustrating) to be so close to the household action! I'm really curious about your thoughts on the why of documenting summer/life. I'm hanging out for that next post!!! No pressure ;)

  8. Hey how come I missed this post? Woderful art, a happy post and I love the moving squirt!! :)


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